Hello, I am Mareike!

Born in Germany, married to a Scot, photographing weddings professionally since 2010.

I currently live with my family in the North of Germany, but I am available for wedding photography throughout Europe.

As you will see from trawling through this website, Scotland is a country very dear to me - I lived there for many years and I consider it my second home. Happily, I get to see it quite often as I shoot a handful of weddings and elopements there every year. Which I usually combine with visiting family and friends!

Artistic and intimate…

So, let's talk about your wedding photography. You have probably spent (or will spend) a good amount of time comparing ribbons, studying colours and putting together Pinterest boards. And yes, I totally agree that wedding details are beautiful and I photograph them all. I’ve got a perfectionist streak and have been known to move furniture in order to get the perfect shot of a pair of shoes during “Getting ready” (rest assured that everything will be back in its place when I leave, because tidiness is important to me… I digress). 

But, at the end of it all - we know that wedding photos should be about the people and the moments, right?

You are still here, so you probably also think that wedding photography is not just “taking a few photos” with a good camera.

Rather, it’s the art of telling your wedding story through photographs. 

At the centre is this story about a couple who fell in love - you. 

This story is all about your love. I want to talk about it with elegance and romance, artistically and delicately. 

And more than that. I want to capture the atmosphere of your wedding day. I want to photograph the little moments, which have so much meaning and consequence, like your parents holding hands during your wedding ceremony. 

But most of all, I want to be there as your friend. I will have your back, cheer you on. You can be safe in the knowledge that you have nothing to worry about, because I take care of your memories. 


Every couple has their own story of how they met (and I already look forward to hearing yours). I love these stories and find them immensely inspiring! I appreciate the quiet notes of a relationship and how it all began. The anticipation and excitement...  

Here goes our story.

My husband Gary and I met on Ibiza. It was in a pub in San Antonio, after sunset. I was on holiday with my sister, and after a lazy day at the beach, we were on the way to Cafe Mambo, but got sidetracked and ended up in a different pub. And there I stood at the bar, nipping casually on a Vodka Lemon, when a good-looking Scot handed me a single rose from a rose seller (who had been hassling us), with the romantic words: ”So they leave us alone at last!” Afterwards, we went to a foam party in the club Es Paradis (well, this was Ibiza after all) and then talked until the small hours on the balcony of Gary's hotel. The next day, Gary flew back home to Scotland. 

But we knew that we belonged together. 

Our wedding took place nine years later, in a small chapel in the Highlands of Scotland, surrounded by the untamed natural beauty that we love about this country. 

Now we have three little ones, who certainly keep us busy and speak a peculiar Denglish. With a Scottish accent, of course!

So this is me.
But this is about you.

Please don’t be a stranger and get in touch! 



Storytelling wedding photography

So you maybe think - what does that mean?

I photograph your wedding like a story.

Cast your mind back to your childhood. To the big events in your life. What do you remember?

It is mostly small fragments, which we remember. Sometimes a feeling, an atmosphere. A particular situation, a picture.

My earliest childhood memories include a holiday I took with my family in England, when I was five. This is what I can remember:
– My dad, broadly grinning, with sunburn in his face
– waves crashing against stone; sea foam
– a beach with rock pools and tiny crabs
– my stripy jumper
– a cupcake with a single pink iced flower

This was the essence of my holiday. Exactly these pictures hold the most meaning for me. Exactly these pictures I would like to look at again and again, and share with others. They allow me to dive into my own memory, they unlock other fragments that I remember, deep down.

They evoke the feeling of being there again, at the beach, with seagulls over my head. 

My goal as a wedding photographer…

As a photographer, I do not aim to get a shot of all the “moments”. Let’s face it – I couldn’t achieve this anyway. I would take a thousand photos and still have missed many special moments. I think it is more important to capture the essence of your wedding day.

The atmosphere is more important than single moments, because it carries emotion and feeling. Pictures with atmosphere allow you to relive the memory.

In order to capture this mood, I try to empathise with how you see your wedding day unfold. What is important to you? Which situations, pictures will impress themselves on your mind? This is how I approach taking your photos.

If you have any questions at all, please just get in touch!


Q. How much will my wedding photography cost?

This depends on the type of coverage you are looking for. Just drop me an email – info@mareikemurray.com or use my contact form to get in touch, and tell me a bit about your plans. I will get back to you with an offer and my price list. 

Q. Who will photograph our wedding?

Mareike – myself – photographs every wedding personally. Occasionally my husband Gary will come along as my glamorous assistant, he is also great at carrying bags! 

Q. We would like to get to know you in person, where can we meet up?

That would be lovely! If you live in the Hanover region, we can easily organise a get-together over a cup of coffee. If you live further afield, we can chat on Skype in the first instance!

Q. Can we get raw data files or unedited photos from you?

Sorry, but I only deliver edited photos. I have high expectations of my own work and would only want to give you the finished article!

Q. How far in advance of our wedding should we book our wedding photography?

Many of my couples book my services 8-12 months in advance. I would suggest that you get in touch with me as soon as you have a date set and booked a location/venue. Especially weekends during the summer and popular dates around public holidays are getting booked up early.

Q. Will we get a USB stick with high resolution images?

Yes. Every one of my packages includes this and you can order your own prints to your hearts content (private usage rights are included).

I hope you found this information helpful! However, I also hope that you have some questions left so that we can have a chat soon. So please just get in touch – I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Q. What happen if it rains on our wedding day?

Unfortunately we cannot predict (or influence) the weather, but I promise you lovely photos regardless of what happens outside! Firstly, I always have a backup plan and look for spots at your location, which are suitable for inclement weather. Secondly, we will organise your photo schedule so that there is some flexibility when it comes to timings, and we can make use of a dry spell. Constant rain without any breaks is very rare, fortunately!