Getting married in Scotland?

Are you getting married in Scotland? I would love to hear from you! 

I have a soft spot for Scotland, my husband Gary’s native country. We lived near Glasgow for a decade (before moving to Germany in 2014) and this is where it all began for me. We got married in Scotland. I started my photography business there. Despite living in Germany now, we’re over quite often due to family ties. 

Since starting my business in 2010, I have photographed weddings at many Highland and Lowland venues (and a few of my favourites include Monachyle Mhor Hotel, Glenfinnan House Hotel, Tobermory Registry Office, Calgary BayMelrose Abbey, Bunchrew House, Edinburgh Lothian Chambers, Fernie Castle and many more – if you’re still looking for one, I can highly recommend any of these!).

I've photographed big castle weddings with 140 guests, but also many, many smaller weddings, where only the immediate family attended.

The smallest wedding I had the pleasure to witness was on the Isle of Mull, where I photographed a London couple getting married during their holiday in Scotland. After the ceremony, we went to the beach. It was a bit windy, and a tiny bit wet, but the bride put her flip flops on and it was so much fun. This is the essence of a good wedding for me - that the bride and groom have the best day of their lives - to see pure joy and happiness radiating from them.

Next to sparkly lochs, on the coast, in the historic cities, swish castles... they are simply so many stunning venues in Scotland (and add to that, the fact that you can get married absolutely everywhere! Yes EVERYWHERE!!). The unpredictable weather is never an issue, believe me… I love how changeable it is, and the heavy clouds add that little bit of drama to your wedding photos. Bring your wellies, if you like!

If you plan your wedding in Scotland, please get in touch for a custom quote!


Post Scriptum

Maybe you are planning a small wedding or elopement and wondering where to start with everything. Especially if you are not from Scotland, this can be a little daunting. I am very happy to give you some advice on suitable venues or feedback on the ones you are considering. Apart from being a wedding photographer, I worked for 7 years in Scottish tourism and know the country really well... I actually think that Scotland is particularly suited to smaller weddings and elopements because of the variety of venues. Also, in contrast to, say, Germany, you do not need to get married in a registry office to make the marriage "legal", and the actual ceremony can be conducted by a priest, a humanist or a free celebrant, instead of a registrar. This just opens up so many possibilities with regards to giving your ceremony a really personal touch! You can get married next to a waterfall, an old ruin, a standing stone... in the middle of nowhere, on a mountain! And it will be legal! Crazy, right??!!